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Meet Our Team

Silverado's philosophy is to make our clients, residents, patients and their families as happy as possible. To us, the best way of accomplishing this is to make sure our associates are happy and satisfied.

Please take a few moments to browse below and read the collection of quotes from associates telling why they love their careers with Silverado, and for more on what it's like to be a Silverado associate, download our culture book.


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Chelly, Regional VP of Sales
Memory Care

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"I love–not like–working at Silverado for many reasons. I have an extremely strong sense of pride in my job. What we do at Silverado is different than any other assisted living with memory care. We touch lives every day."

Ed, Sales Associate
Memory Care

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"Being able to come alongside families during one of their most challenging times of life, helping them make decisions about their loved one’s care makes me feel honored. I am blessed to work for a place that helps people change lives!"

Allison, Administrator

Allison Young Join Our Team

“The culture is like no other company I have ever experienced.  LOVE>fear is what Silverado is all about.”

Jen, Administrator

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"I love knowing that I am able to help provide the gift of hospice to families in need."

Debbie, Sales Associate
Memory Care

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"We give love, respect, and dignity for residents and families. We get the opportunity to make a difference in all of their lives."

Rachele, Administrator
Memory Care

Rachele Demaster Meetourteam

"I am so proud to work with a group of professionals at Silverado Care, from our Associates, to my Leadership team, to the Senior Executives who are all personally committed to providing exceptional care for our Residents and their families."