Virtual Dementia Tour®

Location : Scottsdale

Changing the perception of aging with Alzheimer's

The Virtual Dementia Tour® will take you from beginning to late stages of the disease process, allowing you to experience the realities of living with dementia while facing the overwhelming effects of trying to perform activities of everyday living.

The phrase "you never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes" is particularly true when it comes to dementia. Truly comprehending the challenges an individual with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia faces every day is next to impossible, but the Virtual Dementia Tour can help provide an unparalleled understanding of what it's like to live with this life-changing condition.

Silverado can provide specially-trained staff to facilitate this program at your convenience, conducting hands-on 90-minute sessions where participants perform tasks while contending with impediments that approximate the mental and physical limitations of dementia. This program has been used to help family members, medical professionals and first responders provide better, more informed care to individuals with dementia.

The Virtual Dementia Tour was authored and invented by P.K. Beville, who created Second Wind Dreams ( to share this wonderful gift of understanding dementia with the world.

To setup a time to experience the Virtual Dementia Tour, please call Dan Harrah at (480) 993-5753. 

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