Testimonial: "I will always remember your kindness forever."

Location : North Houston

"Thank you Silverado Hospice for all of the love you all provided for Don and Norma Martin during this time. I would like to thank Dr. Chang personally for the care and companionship that was provided for my husband, Don Martin... Silverado Hospice became my family and I never want anyone to ever go through an end of life illness without compassion, care and assistance...I did not leave Don's side at all, and your visits helped me deal with sadness too. May God bless you as you continue to care for other people in need. I am so grateful to have know this Silverado Hospice team! They were caring, efficient, kind and helpful. I have continued to receive phone calls from Hospice to check up on me and it makes me feel so important to you all. Thank you for making our lives easier and being good to my husband, Don. I will always remember your kindness forever."

- Norma Martin and Family

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