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Lifelong Artist Reconnects with Talents at Silverado

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Silverado resident John Newman, an 86-year-old Texas native, had a penchant for the arts since childhood. Not only was he cartooning at an early age, but his letters to family during his time in the Navy included drawings of life at sea during World War II. 

In recent months dementia diminished John’s artistic pursuits. As one might expect, the lessened ability to utilize his talents was having a noticeable effect on his quality of life. It was only after he had moved into Silverado that his talent and enthusiasm began to return.

When John became a resident he began participating in the Nexus program, and the difference it made was quickly noticed. Through the physical activities, opportunities to interact with others and encouragement provided by the program, John has reconnected with his art. He is once again creating his unique pieces — art that is humorous, and reflective of images of the Texas frontier, including cowboys, horses, birds and other western characters. 

“As a family, we strongly believe Dad’s return to art and cognitive and physical improvements are due to the support and care he’s receiving at Silverado,” said daughter Pixie Moseley. “The activities, social engagement, freedom and individual attention through Silverado’s Nexus program have restored his creative abilities and made a huge difference in his quality of life.” His colorful creations, many on envelopes, now fill the walls of his room and brighten the community’s entrance!

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