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Dementia Resources & Support

Support and knowledge are valuable tools when meeting the challenges of dementia. They can make all the difference in the world for individuals with memory impairment and their loved ones.

Please browse the links on this page for a range of resources to help better understand dementia and provide care for both your loved one and yourself. 

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Find a Silverado Location
Helpful Links
Silverado Locations  

10 Common Dementia Warning Signs

It's important to be aware of small changes in loved ones' behavior that could be the early stages of memory impairment. 

Memory Care and Dementia Glossary

On the path of dementia one encounters many unfamiliar phrases. Visit this page for definitions of common dementia-related terms.

Brain Healthy Diet Information & Recipes

Studies have suggested that certain foods can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Find out more here!

Helpful Natural Disaster Tips for Caregivers

Learn what to do should in the event of a natural disaster.

Simple Brain Fitness Tips Anyone can Follow

What can you do to live a brain-healthy lifestyle? Visit this page for a few simple tips that may improve the health of your gray matter. 

Medical Directors Speak on Dementia

Watch videos of Silverado Medical Directors answering frequently asked questions about dementia.

Learn About the Common Types of Dementia

Learn about the most common types of dementia, including symptoms, causes, care and pathologies.

Learn the Warning Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Get information on how pushing your limits as a caregiver can be harmful.

What is Memory Care and when is it Needed?

Learn more about memory care, a special type of assisted living focused on helping those with memory impairments.

What is Respite Care and What are its Benefits?

Learn about the benefits caregivers can take advantage of when they take time for themselves.

Learn About Dementia Care Financial Options

We can help you understand the different financial options available so you can decide which is right for your situation.

Pharmacogenomics Testing at Silverado

We use an innovative DNA testing method to ensure the effectiveness of residents' medications. Read about it here.

Simple Ways to Alzheimer's-Proof Your Home

Keeping a loved one with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia safe at home can be much less challenging when following a few steps. 

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Contact Silverado for more information on care and support for individuals with dementia and their loved ones.

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