Art Show

Location : Beverly Place
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Beverly Place artists showcase their artwork

Artist at Beverly Place display their different styles of Art in the Oak Room.

Meet some of the wonderful resident artists who participated!

Carolyn Spector

"My name is Carolyn. I was raised in a zoo because my father founded a 100 acre petting zoo in 1945. I enjoy art and was a technical illustrator for the defense industry. I enjoy painting with Jane at Silverado. I love her music and art class."


Mike Roth

"This model of a 1850 Riverboat Paddle Wheeler Steamer started before my fall at home. It was finished over 18 months and it has been a major factor in my recovery. The Silverado team fully supported the completion of the boat. Silverado’s skill in helping patients to feel wanted and useful has been a major factor in my recovery."


Jean Barber

"My name is Jean. I was born in hot, humid South Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico. From the time I was a young child, I always loved to draw and paint. I love to mix all the colors, especially the bright colors. Art means so much to me, it relaxes me and makes me happy. Here, I painted Miss Kitty, my dog, as I imagine her when she was living on the street before I adopted her."

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