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Silverado Celebrates Couple's 33rd Anniversary with Vow Renewal Ceremony

Location : Beach Cities
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Recently, Silverado arranged a beautiful vow renewal ceremony for a resident and her husband's 33-year anniversary. Karen and Richard first met in 1978 through Karen's twin sister. After three years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in 1981.

They shared two years of blissful marriage but then hit an obstacle, Karen was diagnosed with brain cancer. The cancer was cured after extensive surgery and a series of radiation which took Karen's vision. Despite all the challenges, their love weathered the storm and Richard supported Karen through it all.

In honor of the 33 years of love and happiness that Karen and Richard shared, Silverado Beach Cities held the vow renewal ceremony which was attended by many of Karen's friends and her Silverado family.  Director of Resident Engagement Maria Inductivo shares, "Richard and I planned the wedding a year ago but Karen's health took a turn last year" After Karen's health improved, Maria asked Karen if she wanted to renew her vows and she excitedly said "Yes"!

On the day of the ceremony, both Richard and Karen were excited to proclaim their love to each other in front of their friends. Richard couldn't help himself from complimenting how beautiful Karen looked and Karen kept mentioning how much she loved Richard. Richard even snuck a few kisses before they said their vows!

Through it all, "Richard never gave up on Karen, he stood by her and they both went through a lot of struggles and sacrifices. In the end, you realize that love conquers all and there's still a man, like Richard, who'll do everything for the love of his life", Maria shares. The vow renewal was the perfect way to celebrate Karen and Richard's 33rd year anniversary and will be a memory that they will always hold close to their hearts.

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