Testimonial: Forever Grateful - The Iris Manes Story

Location : North Houston

"Dearest Silverado Hospice Care,

I cannot begin to find the words to express my gratitude to you and your amazing Hospice staff at Silverado.  From the very beginning, when my sweet mother-in-law began to decline, y'all were there for me.

On the first day, Sabra Egbert jumped into action to get Iris admitted into hospice care, wasting no time in setting into motion what I was completely surprised to have needed. She came to help me change the bedding for Iris, whom I thought was simply ill, and helped me to not only to change her and the bed, but to realize and accept that Iris was in the 'End of Life' stage. I really had no idea!

After that, absolutely everyone was phenomenal and gave themselves to us with no reservation and everything anyone could possibly need. This terrible thing, this losing of a dearly loved one, is SO much harder than one can know until it happens. BUT, I can say with absolute honesty and gratitude that this terrible thing was made so much better by the presence and love, the God-sent team that is Silverado Hospice Care.

Professional and efficient being an understatement, y'all are angels who also have compassion, understanding, experience and LOVE. I wish there were more I could do or say to show my unending gratitude for you all.

With Love and Blessings,
Kristy G. Manes
Houston, TX"


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