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July Update - Inching Closer to Completion

Location : Bellingham

Work expands as Summer arrives

Because all of the wonderful amenities being built into the Bellingham community won't mean anything if you can't actually get to the community, we present the beginnings of the driveway! 



In our last update we showed a preview of a hallway that was very far along in the construction process. This photo takes us one step further, showing a hallway with the lean rails installed!

In case you're wondering what lean rails are, they replace the standard bar-style handrails used commonly in care facilities. These flat surfaces allow residents to maintain balance while eliminating the injury risk created by the gap the exists between a standard hand rail and the wall. The lean rail is an innovation originated by Silverado!

Silverado Bellingham Interior


Our final image in this update is a perfect example of how the community has been designed to maximize natural light. The greenhouse-style ceiling in the atrium area (there is actually glass in there!) brings the outside in and lets residents appreciate the expansive sky no matter what time of year it is. 

Silverado Bellingham Memory Care

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