HUG Corner - Thought of the Week - 3/6

Location : North Houston

Thought for the Week, "Healing After Loss" Martha Whitmore Hickman

To have lived at all is a measure of immortality; for a baby to be born, to become a man, a woman, to beget others like himself, is an act of faith in itself, even an act of defiance. It is as though every human being born into this world burns, for a brief moment, like a star, and because of its pinpoint of light shines in the darkness, and so there is glory, so there is life.

-- Daphne Du Maurier

When we think of the processes of nature that brought about any one of us—the gene selection, the combination of that particular ovum and that particular sperm, our life in the womb, our transit into life as breathing, independent creatures—our being alive at all is in itself a miracle of survival and a cause for wonder and celebration. And so it is with the advent of our loved one upon the earth, and with the tides of kinship and love that cast us in the same scene, the same drama, together. Though we mourn the passing of that loved one, think how much poorer our lives would have been had we not inhabited the world together! While we hope for a continuation of life together beyond death, it is no small thing to have known and cherished one another in this spectacular setting—life.


I am grateful from the core of my being for the life I have shared with my loved one.

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